Business Rebalanced

We create value that’s good for growth and growth for good.

A Rebalancing Act

We find ourselves in a dizzying world. Our economies are volatile, our politics are unsteady, and our planet can’t take any more.

Business has pursued growth at any cost. It’s so often a compromise. We’ve prioritised revenue, expansion and short-termism without accounting for the true impact on our society and our natural resources.

We must change. The need to do so is unmistakeable, unavoidable and urgent.

We're here to help businesses strike a new balance across a triple perspective: People, Planet and Profit.


Grace & Grit Retreat

For women to live and lead from True self

This is a personal invitation to our nearest and dearest friends, to the strong female role models in our circle, and to the women we’ve met recently who are at a poignant part on their path.

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What we do

We’re here to help rebalance businesses, so they’re equipped to adapt and thrive in the next economy.  We’re focusing on three core elements where we can have the most impact: Mindsets & Energy, Innovation and Leadership.

Mindsets & Energy

Shifting mindsets and leading from authenticity


Next Gen

Equipping future leaders
to steer sustainably



Creating value that’s
rooted in triple impact

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Facilitation: A hygiene factor or an under-valued superpower?

If you were to calculate the hours you’ve spent on Zoom calls since the start of lockdown, what proportion would you say have been progressive and value add?

Element can facilitate your key conversations to ensure the Zoom minutes matter.

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