Conscious Innovation

It’s a resourceful, regenerative and refreshing approach to innovation. In some cases, we might even call it renovation, because we’re pretty keen on doing more with what we’ve already got.

Conscious Innovation is different

It’s impact-led

We’re obsessive about impact. Yes, obsessive. Ensuring outcomes are defined, tracked and measured through a triple lens.

It’s strategic

Each brief is aligned to the wider business vision, rooted in real, critical problems and de-risked to maximise investment.

It’s frugal

It’s mindful of waste at every stage, whether budgets, outputs, assets, resources or even the team’s brain power.

It’s visceral and tangible

Intuitive ways of thinking and being that create space for ingenuity, coupled with tools and techniques grounded in business reality.

What we offer

Proposition Development that solves for real needs, keeps you ahead and doesn’t cost the earth (literally)

We venture deep and wide to uncover the real-world needs that you are best placed to solve for, exploring problems that could beat the individual level or the planetary, or both. It’s an impact-centric, frugal approach to invention: repurposing existing assets, designing-out waste and designing-in resilience for new or renewed solutions that benefit customers, communities and our planet.

Diagnostic Tool that identifies where and how you can make innovation work harder for you

We review people and projects, mindsets and methods, activities and assets to help pinpoint where innovation can do its job better, and truly add value to your organisation. This is also a perfect moment to press pause and reflect, assessing what you currently do through a triple-lens and recognising where you can adopt a more impact-led approach.

Innovation Blueprint that equips your organisation to do conscious innovation your way

We provide direction, upskill in best practice and embed impact-centricity. This is about giving you the fundamentals. A vision for what innovation can enable for you, an approach that’s versatile to stretch across different project types and sizes, plus methodologies and tools that can be applied to any challenge.

Growth for Good Roadmap that builds buy-in and capitalises on sustainable opportunities

We align with your ultimate vision and map existing competencies to then reveal the gaps between ‘here’ and ‘there’. Once we’ve worked out what needs to happen to bridge these gaps, we spin this through four filters: feasibility, viability, desirability and sustainability. The imperatives that fall-out from this process are then prioritised, risk-assessed and framed in a case for investment.

Innovation Launchpad that equips teams with the tools to tackle any innovation challenge

We shape the ultimate starter-kit for talent and teams embarking on innovation and renovation projects. Borrowing from behavioural science, semiotics and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) we’ve designed an all-in-one package of sustainability mindsets, collaboration techniques and innovation tools that improve the chances of success.

Conscious Scale-Up that guides you to grow your organisation without sacrificing sustainability

We strip your organisation down to its core, understanding your higher purpose and current vision. We then review your growth plan, or if you haven’t got one yet, we help you define one building on your aspirations.We believe there are plenty of entities out there that have started-out with sustainability embedded in everything they do, but when it comes to spilling-over into the next cycle of growth, they find it hard to maintain their founding beliefs. We’re here to overcome those hurdles together with you.

Why we believe it’s needed now

You’ve likely heard it before; we’re in a weird world right now. Things feel busier and dizzier than ever, with uncertainty lurking around the corner and lingering for longer than we’d all like it to. Such volatility has resulted in toughened competition, tightened budgets and heightened pressures from people, policy and our planet.

Innovation first appeared in order to push organisations through times like these. But now, in order to do so, we believe it needs a reset.

In some ways, it’s earned a bad rep of luxury and frivolity when it should be celebrated as an efficient business driver of value and difference.

And so often it’s a shiny ideas-fest that results in a lot said but little done, rather than an essential BAU tool that helps organisations to either survive or thrive.

Resetting innovation – making it a more conscious way to do more with less – brings us one step closer to our vision of Business Rebalanced.