29-31 October 2021

Grace & Grit

For women to live and lead from True self

This is a personal invitation to our nearest and dearest friends, to the strong female role models in our circle, and to the women we’ve met recently who are at a poignant part on their path.

What to expect

A retreat like this is something we’ve both wanted to do since before setting-up our business, and as we’ve grown our network and met more women who share our perspectives and values we’ve realised there’s no better moment than this. We believe that our future system will be founded by human beings who live and lead from True Self. Humble heroines and heroes equipped with superpowers like authenticity, vulnerability, empathy and more…


Meet Angela

Angela is a Director at Vita Shakti and our in-house Consciousness queen. She is committed to fueling people’s Vital Energy, so that they have the capacity and strength to set out on their path. She approaches her work in a truly holistic way, looking at an individual from a Mind, Body and Consciousness perspective, as well as considering the support and nurturing they need in any exact moment.

Angela will guide us through two experiences during the weekend: a multi-sensory sound bath ritual and a Kundalini yoga session. We don’t want to give too much away but if you have any questions, let us know.

Our retreat is a residential experience curated for like-minded and like-spirited, incredible women who are curious to learn more about their authentic, truest Self.

Experience Principles

Take what you want
Leave what you don’t

This whole weekend is on your terms. We’ve planned experiences throughout the event but if you want to step away at any point, sit in the hot tub for 48 hours or attend every session, it’s entirely up to you.

Nourishing minds, bodies and souls

Stories will be the food for our souls. Helpful frameworks will feed our minds. And we will ensure that all of our actual food is either organic, local or as natural as possible. The menu will be vegetarian. If you really want to bring your own deli meat and/or alcohol, you are welcome to.

Bringing balance to every moment

We’ve designed a sense of balance throughout the weekend. Balance between activity and reflection, movement and stillness, luxury and nature, group work and individual work, planned itineraries and free time.

A beautifully blended approach

The weekend’s experiences will be a wonderful mixture of soul-work, business coaching, storytelling, yoga and more. It will feel multi-sensory, immersive and potentially, at times, a little uncomfortable. We believe the only way to discover our Authenticity is to get out of our comfort zones and ‘do the work’.


There will be different experiences dotted throughout the weekend designed to help you learn this… here’s a taster!

Fireside storytelling

Evenings where we share personal experiences (good and bad!) of female leadership.

Group Coaching Session

Knowing your boundaries and how to set them in place.

Meditative Workshop

An energy therapist to help you identify what gives you energy, and what doesn’t.


Yoga and sound baths to set the tone and help us stay in our bodies.

The Venue

Boutique Barns

Get In Touch

If we had you at the word ‘retreat’ or you’ve digested the above and decided you’re in, we’re so pleased! For interest, bookings and enquiries please send an email to Laura at laura.morris@weareelement.com.