Our Story

So…in this bit of our website we bet you’re expecting to read something about two women with careers in big corporates and experience in consulting deciding to leave it all behind because they realised that by staying put, not only were they falling short of their bigger purpose, but they also saw themselves as part of the problem.

If you were expecting this then… you’d be spot on. That’s us.

Up until this point in our careers we’ve had to choose, often unconsciously, between creating value for our clients and partners, and creating value that’s good for growth and growth for good. We’re no longer up for this compromise.

Together we’ve founded Element as our vehicle for impact. And that’s triple impact – positive, measurable and sustainable outcomes that are in harmony with one another.

Something we’re framing as Business Rebalanced.

Our Purpose & Values

Drumroll please… here’s the ‘why we exist’ part.

Ultimately, we’re here to help change the world. For the better. To be a part of the course correction that must take place over the next decade for the sake of our planet and generations to come. We know this might sound grand, but we mean it.

Element is our vehicle for impact. It is our way of playing our role in the change that is needed.

Business has been a core part of the problem. For too long we’ve pursued growth at any cost. We’ve prioritised revenue, expansion and short-termism without accounting for the true impact on our society and our natural resources.

Business can and must be a part of the solution and to do so we need to strike a new balance. A balance between People, Planet and Profit. And not at the detriment of bottom line, quite the opposite.

We’re here to work with businesses who want to change, and know they need to, but need a bit of help. We want to help in building rebalanced businesses; adaptable, thriving organisations, resilient in the face of change and sustainable in their nature.

Because we all need to be the change we want to see.


Anyone who knows us will notice that these Values aren’t just for Element.

They’re principles that we, as founders, both work and live by. And we don’t take them lightly! They form the foundations of our client relationships, they’re ingrained in every fibre of our culture and they remain the standards we hold ourselves accountable to every day.

Impact Obsession

We're unwavering in our pursuit of triple-layered impact; where value is generated for People, Planet and Profit equally. We filter every brief and every decision with an impact lens, to ensure we're always working towards our purpose of helping to rebalance businesses.

Zero Waste Working

We're conscious of waste. We think about waste in all elements of our work. From the solutions we work on to the materials we share and the meetings we lead. We don't want to waste time, energy or brainpower, this goes for everyone – our clients, our partners and us.

Brave Vulnerability

It takes courage to be vulnerable. Vulnerability allows us to realise how we could be better, hear a different view and shift our opinions. We try our hardest to detach ourselves from our egos and jump out of knower mode to ensure we’re always able to learn something new.

Productive Tension

Generally, we human beings are uncomfortable with tension. It’s ingrained in us that tensions must be solved or that tough conversations should be avoided. That’s not us. We believe tension that's well-intended and productive is needed for stronger collaboration and better outcomes.