Being a Lockdown Business

Kilts. Christmas trees. Zoom meetings and resilient clients. What do you think they all have in common? Not much really. It just so happens we ended up talking about all of these things on our most recent podcast.

Matt and Chris, hosts of the WB-40 podcast, were kind enough to invite us onto their show to share what it’s like to start a business during a global pandemic.

After jostling with the odd positions of our mics - Sarah’s nearly fell off her desk and Jemma’s was practically on her lap - we got into a great conversation about how lucky we’ve been in this weird and wavy time.

We expressed our gratitude to people in our network who have been so generous with their time and thoughts. We shared our reflection that, seeing as we can’t go anywhere, we’ve spent less time and less money on commutes and coffees, and been more focused on building connections with those closest to our cause. And we explored, briefly, what the future may look like if lockdowns linger and businesses resist change versus become more resilient. It’s a topic we have a lot of energy for. For more about our perspective on facilitation and how to make every meeting minute matter, see this post from November.

We loved it. You can probably tell. Do give it a listen, and get in touch if this triggers a thought or if you’ve got any feedback for us.

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Sarah and Jemma

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